Development Leadership Council

Non-Profit Status
             • The Chile Pepper Institute is a project of New Mexico State University, a non-profit educational institution.
             • All fundraising efforts are managed by the non-profit New Mexico State University Foundation.

Major Campaigns
The two major fundraising efforts of the Chile Pepper Institute are:
             • A permanent chile pepper plant breeding endowed chair (Endowed Chairs – College of ACES), and
             • A new facility to house education and research information for our publics.

Development Council Overview
Established in February 2009, the Development Council is a dynamic, well-positioned group of chile industry leaders. The primary purpose of the Council is to provide the leadership to create a permanent chile pepper research endowment and to establish a new, expanded Institute facility on the west-end of campus, featuring seminar and teaching rooms, a sustainable teaching and demonstration garden, and a state-of-the-art greenhouse.

Development Council members provide:
             • A yearly sustaining donation of $2,500,
             • Participation in annual Council meetings and the annual Chile Leaders’ Dinner,
             • Facilitation of corporate sponsorships,
             • Identification of three or more colleagues who have the financial capacity to support the Institute’s (ad)ventures, and
             • Encouragement of chile aficionados to become Chile Pepper Institute members.

Interested in joining the Council? Contact Cindy G. Nicholson or 575-646-5787.


Chile Pepper Institute Ad Hoc Members:
             • Paul Bosland – Chile Pepper Institute Director – (575) 646-3028
             • Cindy G. Nicholson – Director of Development –  -- (575) 646-5787
             • Wendy Hamilton – Media Officer - – (575) 646-5284
             • Danise Coon -- Research Specialist - Chile Pepper Breeding Program -- -- (575) 646-3661
             • Adán M. Dleval --Program Specialist-- -- (575) 646-3028